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!Ask!   Haii :3 Name's Sam. 18 (ew)
I'm into art and books so if you know of any good books (and comics) please suggest them!!
I'm also a HUGE tree-hugger and work to save the world by picking up after myself, yelling at others when they don't, turning off the lights in unused rooms, wearing stuff that promotes nature, etc
Umm... So I reblog a lot of the Avengers, anything Marvel, kid movies (aka Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks), bollywood movies, Owl City and rarely other music,books, funny stuff, inspiring stuff, artsy stuff and oh I like to draw/paint and I'd also be glad to do requests C: just pop them in my Ask! My style of drawing is still developing (it's sorta Disney sorta not at the moment) aaaand I specialise in watercolour :3


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The sass with which he closes that door.


The sass with which he closes that door.

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In Once Upon A Time Jefferson (Sebastian Stan) wanted a spell to make him forget everything about the curse.
And in Winter Soldier, Hydra keeps wiping his memory.
Excuse me while I throw myself into several walls. 

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once upon a time meme
(1/9) scenes » jefferson and grace reunion in ‘lady in the lake’

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Jefferson - We Are Both

I miss this angry, snarky, fabulously dressed madman. And all of his excellent expressions.

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Jefferson + being done with everyone’s shit.

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